The Board of Directors is collectively responsible to the Company’s shareholders for its overall strategic direction, its values and its governance, providing the leadership necessary for the Group to meet its objectives.

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Roberto Pacorini
Oswaldo Aranha
Executive Director
Antonio Garcez
Chief Executive
Ismenio Azevedo
Executive Director
Enrico Pacorini
Executive Director
Antonio Garcez

CEO of Pacorini Group
More than 40 years of experience in trading and coffee business, working in Brazil, London, New York and Italy.
Formerly President at Gill&Duffus, President of the Brazilian Trading company, Board Member in London, President of Banco Sterling in Brazil. Formerly CEO of J.H.Rayner Holdings-London. President of Citoma Brazil.

Daniela Gregoratti
General Manager of Pacorini Group
Degree in Economics, Venice, Italy and further specialization in International Trade.
Formerly Group CFO in Pacorini Group. Several years experience in international fashion industry as Controller and CFO. Auditor and Board member of Managerial and Trade Associations.
Andrea Bellani
Corporate Affairs Executive
Degree in Economics and Business Administration, Venice, Italy.
Formerly Group Controller and Chief Information Officer (CIO) in Pacorini Group.
Group Controller in ACC Group, global market leader in household and industrial appliances.
Manager in Accenture, global management consulting firm, broad experience in Business Process Management and Reengineering.
Markus Leisibach
markus leisibach.jpg
Group Chief Accountant & Controller
Swiss Certified Accountant, Zug, Switzerland.
Formerly CFO in Decotrade, subsidiary of D.E.Master Blenders 1753, former Sara Lee International BV. Several years of experience in Accounting, Controlling and Business Process Reengineering.
Donato Di Raimondo
donato di raimondo
Group Internal Auditor
Degree in Law, Urbino, Italy and further Master Degree in Economics, Milan, Italy.
Formerly Senior Internal Auditor in Interpump Group SpA, Krugg-Henry Schein and BTicino SpA maturing large experience in internal auditing process review, risk management, internal control systems and governance.
Oswaldo Aranha
CEO of Consuming coffee countries and Pacorini Group Coffee Commercial Director
Economist, post graduate specializing in Finance at PUC-RIO and New York Institute of Finance.
Formerly Managing Director in several Pacorini subsidiaries (Vietnam, Belgium and Italy). Many years coffee trading experience both in Brazil and the USA (New York) having been Officer and Director of major international trading groups like ED&F man Ltd and Gill&Duffus Plc. President of Brazilian Coffee Exporters Federation (FEBEC) and member of the private sector committee of the International Coffee Organization (ICO) in London.
Victor Garcez
CEO of Producing coffee countries and CEO of Steaming Companies
Broad experience in coffee business, working at Sociedade Exportadora e Importadora Citoma Ltda (Brazilian green coffee exporter), as Controller and after as Futures Operator and Trader. Formerly Partner and Director of an IT Consultancy company and on a fruit pulp processing facility in Brazil, specialized in producing and distributing north Brazilian exotic fruits.
Ismenio Azevedo
CEO of USA Operations
Engineering degree.
More than 30 years of experience in coffee business as Manager at SICAL, a coffee roaster company owned by NESTLÉ.
Formerly Manager and Member of the Board at Descapor (Coffee Decaffeination Company) and at Iaconsultoria (consulting and engineering company specialized in coffee plants and coffee quality control). Member of the Technical and Scientific Committee from AICC the Portuguese Coffee Association.
Khong Shee Lim
Khong Shee Lim
CEO of Asian Operations
Degree in Business Administration, National University of Singapore.
Deep experience in commodities trading. Former Managing Director of Gie Ascom Pte ltd, Raffemet Pte Ltd, former Director of Grain Mineral Resources Pte Ltd, Singapore International Commodity Exchange Consultant to SGX.
Mario Casciano
mario casciano
CEO of Metal for North America
30 years of experience in the Base Metal and General Cargo business in a number of senior functions in trade and logistic industries. Formerly CEO of Pacorini Metal North America (USA), Futures Trader in Trafigura (Switzerland) and Supervisor at Hedging Department of Glencore (Switzerland).
Daniel Saez
daniel saez
CEO of Metal for Europe
Degree in Economics and Business Administration, Barcelona, Spain and further MBA IESE, Barcelona, Spain. Formely COO of Europe and Managing Director Spain at Pacorini Metals. Marketing consultant for the distribution business (Panrico, Enaco) and Operations Manager for logistics projects in automotive industry (Volkswagen, Aprilia) at Berge.
William Vinck
william vinck
Managing Director of Pacorini Global Services (Switzerland) GmbH
35 years of experience in the coffee business in a number of senior functions in trade and industry.
Formerly Head of procurement and green coffee sourcing from Africa, Central and Latin America in Decotrade (D.E Master Blenders 1753). Member of the Board of Directors at DE Foundation till 2013.
Armando Fejo
Armando Fejo
Managing Director of Brazilian Operations
University degree in Electric Engineering and Economics.
Broad experience in coffee business and plant engineering. Formerly Engineer for the Furnas Centrais Eletricas. Manager of Synthetics Forms for Fibrex, Project Manager of Capanda Power Plant in Angola and Manager in Cofix a Civil Works Company.
Andrea Fornaro
Andrea Fornaro
Managing Director of Vietnamese Operations
Formerly Technical Responsible for the Diamant Muhle in Hamburg and for Regina Food in Egypt.
Project Manager for F.lli Martini in Italy and for Arina Helisondo in Mexico.
Maurizio Zaves
Managing Director of Silocaf USA
Broad experience in the coffee business.
Formerly Quality Control Manager and Vice President & COO of Silocaf of New Orleans.
Clelia Vidic
Clelia Vidic
Managing Director of Balcans Operations
Formerly Director and Customer Service Manager in Pacorini Koper.
Over 20 years of experience in warehousing commodities business.
Claudio Bassi
Managing Director of Pacorini Forwarding
More than 35 year of experience in the forwarding business as Commercial Director and General Manager.
Formerly Managing Director and member of the Board of Directors of Luigi Serra SpA and member of the Board of Forwarding and Transportation Association in Genoa.
Paolo Levi
paolo levi
Managing Director of Santandrea and General Manager of Pacorini Silocaf
Master MBA, Economics and Business Degree, Master in Executive coaching.
Experience in general and change management, Corporate finance and restructuring developed in 25 years in the Logistics for commodities business. Formerly Group CFO in Ocean Team, harbor and ocean towage operations, off-shore services in oil and gas. In the past he covered a number of executive positions in Pacorini Group, lastly Managing Director of Pacorini Genoa for coffee and non-ferrous metals operations; Managing Director of VIO-Interporto Vado Ligure for coffee and dried fruit warehousing and logistic; Pacorini Group Controller.
Oswaldo Aranha Neto Managing Director
Oswaldo Aranha Neto

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